New Release – Sometimes by Silva

New Release – Sometimes by Silva

Silva is a songwriter/musician from Meath (Ireland). He has been writing since he was a kid, but only got the time and means to record a few songs during lockdown. His music is best described as alt/indie rock/folk with an experimental edge.

“My music should appeal to fans of The National, The Decemberists, Wilco, Pavement. I have an extensive backlog of songs that I hope to record and release, and hoping for any support I can get.”

“Sometimes, I suffer with Chicken Little syndrome… I think the modern term would be that I ‘catastrophize’, if such a word exits. Anyway, this is a song about that. It was written many years ago but recorded in pieces over the last couple of years…like a conversation between the current me, and the much younger me who originally wrote this as a kind of ‘campfire dirge’. Now it’s a full blown, dad-rock thing. I hope you enjoy it.”

“I can recall feeling pretty hopeless writing this song, like I was at the end of my tether and didn’t know which way to go but then also felt like ‘screw it, things will get better’. So I think written from a hopeless place but the song helped me to find hope or something like that.”

“I think it is in a similar vein to some of what I’ve released, perhaps I go for it a bit more in this one vocally and it has a bigger sound, but think it still has the same vibe as previous stuff.”

“I’ve recorded and mixed it in my home studio. I played all the instruments myself. I’m sure it could be more professional, but I’ve always been a big fan of ‘90’s lo-if type recordings so I don’t mind the technical imperfections of what I do. I find them endearing and give the music character at times.”

“My favourite memory of recording was when I accidentally added the singalong outro where I kept singing, then did some spontaneous harmony work and it built organically into this sing-song ending that was never planned.”

“The cover art is just a picture I took in this ancient ruined building in Antigua (Guatemala) on my last work trip prior to covid hitting. An ancient harmonium in the ruins of an old cathedral that I thought looked cool and considering the amount of organ sound on the track, I thought was appropriate.”

Sometimes’ will be out 18th February. Silva is also working towards an album.