New Release – Something For The Weekend by the Gastown Panic

New Release – Something For The Weekend by the Gastown Panic

The Gastown Panic are Gordon Johnstone and Martin Harrold from Glasgow (Scotland). They have been making and releasing music since 2017. Following on from their 2021 album Panic!, the duo returned to the studio in May to record three singles for release this year. Their first single of 2022 ‘Something For The Weekend’ will be out on June 19th.

“It’s a bit of a lockdown song – the last we’ll do on that subject with any luck! It’s just about being stuck in your box every day, work life, family life, all life happening in this one single place and eventually wanting to break out somewhere else. ‘Something for the Weekend’ relates to the increased consumption of alcohol really – we think it’s probably quite a shared experience for a lot of people.”

“We approached this song from a different angle as we wanted to try a totally electronic sound with loops and beats, and no use of conventional instruments (guitar, bass, kazoo, etc.). We feel it really worked, and it was quite an exciting way to work. The end result maybe offers a nod of appreciation to early 80’s dance – it’s summery and funky and a bit different for us.”

“We’re excited for the release. We like it, and if other people do too, then that will be fantastic. It’ll be the first of three single releases this year, so this is our summer banger that we hope gets some toes tapping.”

As well as making music you can also hear the lads on their own fortnightly radio show at