New Release – Something About You by Leigh Thomas

New Release – Something About You by Leigh Thomas

Leigh Thomas is kicking off the year by getting his shred on in this retro inspired pop/rock song, ‘Something About You‘ that is set for release on 5 February. Here’s what Leigh had to say about his new release:

“This song was written in November 2020, and recorded and mixed in a private studio in Melbourne in December 2020.”

“The song is relatively lyrically simple, and is intended to be an 80’s inspired pop/rock piece with driving rhythms, energetic guitar solo and infused with synth. The song is upbeat but with a haunting element intended  to compliment the underlying themes. The main theme is centred around an alluring, mysterious yet somewhat malevolent woman and a man over which she has a power or spell, which he cannot resist. She views him as a helpless victim over whom she enjoys control, he views her as a witch from whom he has no escape.”

“I always have a sense of excitement, or more so accomplishment upon releasing a new track, but never panic. I accept the music that comes to me and as I send it forth, it no longer is something I have control over. I wish it to be heard and enjoyed by as many ears as possible, but I never worry too much about the outcome.”