New Release – Someone’s EP by Lyon Tide

New Release – Someone’s EP by Lyon Tide

An Englishman, an Indian man and an Italian all walked into an art class at college. They messed around with some paint, life drew a few nudes then decided to form a band and make music. Today they are known as Lyon Tide — an indie alternative pop/rock band from Birmingham (UK).

Hailing from the West Midlands, musical prowess and pedigree is something that innately runs through Darren Barnard (vocals / guitar), Anthony La Pusata (words / keyboards) and Girish Patel’s (drums / bass) veins and over the last few years have been meticulously assembling a lush and layered musical narrative contributing to the post Brit-pop tradition of bands like Snow Patrol, Massive Attack and New Order.

Lyon Tide fuses together delicate textures with driving pianos, synths and guitar work, seamlessly transitioning between spare and intimate ballads to soaring, declarative anthems.

Lyon Tide released their debut album ‘Beginnings Of Ends‘ earlier this year. ‘Someone’s EP’ will be released exclusively on Bandcamp and YouTube on 28 May. Here’s what the lads had to say about the EP.

“Someone’s EP’ — an anonymous title, of sorts, that refers to both the headliner track, ‘Someone’ but also to the fact it could belong to or be dedicated to anyone. The title is also heavily inspired by the track’s lyrics:

We’ve all hurt someone

Something we regret

Something that can’t be undone.”

Whether it be romantically or non, the title of this EP is dedicated to that someone that we have inevitably hurt.”

“There’s no Spotify pre-save link for this release, because the tracks already exist as part of our album, ‘Beginnings Of Ends’, so we decided to release the ‘Someone’s EP’ exclusively to Bandcamp and YouTube this time around. However, there is a pre-order link here.”

“The official date of the EP release is the 28th May 2021, but we are also releasing two music videos either side of that date to book-end the release. First was the ‘Someone’ video which premiered on YouTube the 21st May which will be rounded up by the premiere of the ‘Science‘ music video on the 4th June, so a lot to look out for over the next weeks.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“In a way, yes. This is our first EP, previously we only ever released singles and a ten track album. ‘Someone’s EP’ is somewhat a re-release of tracks that are already available but in a different composition. On our album, ‘Someone’ is our epic six minute Bohemian Rhapsody that wraps up the ten track playlist, on the EP we have released a 3:50 minute Radio friendly version of it instead as we feel, and have been told, it is our strongest track by far.”

“The ‘Someone (Radio Edit)’ is followed by ‘Science (Extended Version)’ so, similarly to our initial release with ‘Closure‘ and ‘Blind‘, anthemic rock followed by electronic pop, we decided to do the same again to close the circle.'”

“We also have a brand new track, ‘Ode To Scarlet’ on the EP along with two remixes of both our ‘Closure’ and ‘Blind’ singles.”

“This EP will be the encore to our album and play us out as we head towards the release of brand new material in the Autumn later this year. The track line-up looks like this:”

Someone’s EP
Someone (Radio Edit)
Ode To Scarlet
Science (Extended Version)
Closure (Fulvant Remix)
Blind (Gaex Remix)

What movie should feature your music and why?

“That is an excellent question! One, because that is our prime objective — to get our music into film & TV and secondly because we write screenplays ourselves and more often than not a lot of our tracks are inspired by a specific scene or moment we have written. You might say we write the soundtrack to our own TV and film scripts.”

“However, in answer to your question, we have always felt that one of our yet to be released tracks, would have been a much better fit for the end credits track on the 2016 movie, Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt opposed to ‘Levitate’ by Imagine Dragons, a great track in itself, no doubt there, just doesn’t seem to fit the ending or theme of the movie in our opinion.”