New Release – Solitary Confinement by Rogue Proxy

New Release – Solitary Confinement by Rogue Proxy

Rogue Proxy is a genre-defying, electro-grooving, high-energy rocking duo from Canada, best described as the illegitimate love child between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk. Naturally driven guitar tones, phat bass grooves, pumping punchy drums and creative, multi-styled vocals are at the core of Rogue Proxy’s signature sound filled with memorable melodies and iconic riffs. 

Pump The Hype‘ was the band’s 4th release. The follow up ‘Solitary Confinement‘ was released today. It is a powerful punchy rocker, which blends elements of Stone Temple Pilots and The Chemical Brothers, but driven by Rogue Proxy’s core sound and style gives it a new flavour of rock…

“I found myself in solitary confinement” speaks to the paradox of feeling isolated through gradual, unwanted aspects of life, yet sometimes being alone is key to truly discover our inner selves. Not to mention that it is quite à propos in these times of constant lockdown!”

“This track has non standard chords and timings but flows very well blended together. The beat is quite busy so much so that the working title of the track was ‘busy beat’, but to give it some contrast it breaks down into half time in the middle bridge and the outro. The outro solos are dueling bass and guitar which just adds that extra something special.”

“One goal of ‘Solitary Confinement’ is to solidify Rogue Proxy as a new flavour of rock that is worth your attention. Together with our high-energy rocker ‘Pump The Hype‘ (which has passed 50k streams), we hope both tracks together will appeal to our current fans. We hope it will give new potential fans enough reason to follow us and stick around for the ride.  Additionally, Rogue will be focusing even more on creative, out of this world posts mostly on Instagram and experimenting with TikTok to expand our reach. Follow Rogue Proxy now!!! ;)”


The Rogue Proxy icon is more than an image but is the alter-ego and ‘artificial intelligence’ behind the music and most importantly, the face of all visual media through wild, animated and entertaining must see videos and memes on social media.

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