New Release – Slaves of the Rhythm by Chenél No.1

New Release – Slaves of the Rhythm by Chenél No.1

Chenel no. 1 is a songwriter from South Africa, who’s branching out her musical ideas into new genres she hasn’t explored before.

“I am married with three children and work full time as an operations manager. My musical aspirations are pursued whenever I have a moment and I try to be as consistent in honing my skills in song writing by releasing a new song every 8 weeks.”

A new song ‘Slaves of the Rhythm‘ will be out on June 29th.

“This song is a reflection of my experiences as a young adult. It’s about a time where I explored different clubs with my friends, dancing and enjoying the music. Sometimes I wish I could relive those moments again and thus the title Slaves of the Rhythm.”

“So far I’ve focused on folk, country and rock, but with this release the dance element is very clear.”

“I didn’t want to confuse listeners by doing a full EDM song, so I paired the dance aspect with a strong electric guitar influence. ‘Slaves of the Rhythm’ is a song merging different genres and I would describe it as Dance Rock.”

“It is is accompanied with a music video on YouTube. With this release I wanted to capture the joy of the music with dancing people, flashing elements and fast transitions. It’s different from my previous videos where I usually feature in the videos. This time I wanted to be a bystander looking in rather than being in the video.”

You can watch the premiere on YouTube.