New Release – Sky Diving Penguins (album) by Sky Diving Penguins

New Release – Sky Diving Penguins (album) by Sky Diving Penguins

Sky Diving Penguins is the brainchild of Gia Iashvili. From Tbilisi, Georgia, Gia forges a sound influenced by The Beatles, Beck, Elliott Smith & Nirvana amongst others. Recently back after a 20-year hiatus, Sky Diving Penguins’ single ‘I Don’t Want, I Don’t Care’ has been well received critically, and reached number 2 in our Cool Top 20 chart.

The Sky Diving Penguins will release their self-titled debut album, ‘Sky Diving Penguins’ on December 1st. The album will be released on their website, Bandcamp page and iTunes. It will not be available for streaming other than on their website. Unless you have signed up to their website, there is no pre-save.

What are your favourite memories of recording the album?

“My favourite memory from recording this album is that I met my wife during the recordings. We now have a son together too. My wife, Maria, features in a few of the songs on backing vocals.”

Is there a story behind the art work? Did you make it yourself?

“Yeah, I made it myself, and I always wanted my first album to feature this artwork. It’s a picture of me from when I was a child, holding a toy machine gun; it’s kind of weird and cute at the same time.”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“It was recorded and mixed in my friends bedroom studio in Tbilisi, Georgia. He is called Kote Kalandadze, and he also co-produced the album, and engineered and mixed it. My mate Mark Tolle also co-produced the album and mixed a few tracks. He came over to Georgia twice and we were sharing ideas and working online. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago.”

“It took me 3 years to complete the album – I wasn’t in a hurry, so I took as much time as I needed to feel comfortable whilst recording.”

A new single, ’About One Hermit’ was released on all streaming platforms on 17 November. It is also available to stream & download on the website and Bandcamp pages.