New Release – Boat On The Water by Skinny Dippers

New Release – Boat On The Water by Skinny Dippers

Skinny Dippers is a Brooklyn, NY (USA) based indie music project formed in 2020 and fronted by singer/songwriter Ryan Gross. Drawing from his roots growing up on the coast of Maine, his style spans a broad range of genres by blending guitar driven indie rock arrangements with analog synthesizers and choral harmonies.

In 2021 Gross enlisted the help of neighbors Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Dan Alvarez of the band TOLEDO to join as collaborators and producers on his debut album ‘The Town & The City’. The songs blend indie rock, folk, and dream pop forming a collection of stories about growing up on the rural coast and moving into adulthood in the depths of New York City.

“My new single ‘Boat On The Water’ is one of my oldest songs, and one of the threads that ties together the whole ‘Town & The City’ theme which my upcoming debut album is based on. I wrote it about 12 years ago when I first moved to NY for college and missed a lot of the parts of my life from Maine.”

“It is a big change of pace from my first four singles I have released so far. Each of my previous songs are more indie rock/indie pop focused, whereas this one leans more into my love of folk music. This track also features some really unique guitar textures where we used an E-Bow to get violin style sounds and a really dreamy pedal called Mood by Chase Bliss Audio to draw out ambient guitar pad sounds which the acoustic instruments can sit on.”

“I hope this release can highlight the softer side of Skinny Dippers. My upcoming album runs the gamut of upbeat indie rockers to fully acoustic ballads, and this song should be a nice transition into some of those softer songs which I haven’t put out into the world yet. Hopefully this can help me reach a wider audience of listeners who prefer a lighter/softer slightly more organic sound compared to the upbeat energetic tracks I have been putting out so far.”

Boat On The Water’ will be out 13th May.