New release – Silver Moon by Days of Tomorrow

New release – Silver Moon by Days of Tomorrow

“It was during the bleakest nights of lockdown that the idea was conceived…we could make music videos by using phone messaging technology and free music software.”

Suddenly, the veil of isolation was lifted and the band The Days of Tomorrow (UK) was formed. Recently featured artists in the Left Lion Magazine, discovered by film star Robert Carlyle and introduced to the world by BBC East Midlands, The Days of Tomorrow are an indie/songwriter collective conjuring the tunes you know and love…but are still yet to hear.

Their new single ‘Silver Moon’ is out 23rd June. Pre-save the single here.

What inspired you to write this song?

“The inspiration for ‘Silver Moon’ was a story discovered by singer-songwriter, Gareth Peel. It concerned a writer who, during a period of enforced sobriety, had been searching – in vain, and with trepidation – for a healthier creative outlet. The answer was found in the simplicity and beauty of detailed, everyday observations. By focusing keenly and deliberately on their immediate environment, a world of endless possibility presented itself. The opening lines of ‘Silver Moon’ reflect this:

“There’s a hole in the fence by the river
Where clematis grows and the water shivers…”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“Drummer Simon Miles was invited by talented producer Steve Grainger to record an original song for his Masters project at Metronome, Nottingham. To our delight, we found ourselves in our home city’s state-of-the-art recording suite. ‘Silver Moon’ came to life, thanks in no small part to the original analogue delay unit – Space Echo – used by Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien to record ‘OK Computer’.”

Can you tell us about the ‘making of’ the music video?

“Our music video was filmed by the brilliant Kirk Stevens (Red Ghost Media) at Hullabaloo Studios – a bohemian hidden gem – in Long Eaton. Their quirky rehearsal space, full of intriguing musical and domestic artefacts, was the perfect spot to realise our vision.”

The Days of Tomorrow are: Gareth Peel, (singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer) Matt Williams (bass and vocals), Simon Miles (drums, keys and vocals).


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