New Release – Silky (remix) by Voldo and Invisible Squirrel

New Release – Silky (remix) by Voldo and Invisible Squirrel

Voldo is a four-piece band from Ayrshire (Scotland). Described as unpigeonholeable but think Beck, Portishead, Joy Division all mashed up. On vocals are Kyle Meldrum and Amanda Lorean, Jimmy Skiffle on guitar and Nunny Boy on production.

Their upcoming new single is a remix of the track ‘Silky‘ from the Voldo album ‘Melting Pot‘. The remix has been executed by the very talented Invisible Squirrel aka Joe Adhemar.

“Whilst out picking mushrooms in the woods we startled the Invisible Squirrel. We approached him with caution and offered him a walkman with a copy of our latest album playing. With the ear buds in his pupils instantly dilated, he dropped his nuts and demanded a remix! He then vanished and appeared in my emails with some really cool ideas.”

“In all fairness Joe is a multi talented awesome producer, we really love his work, he is not only a great artist / musician, but without a doubt he is one of the best producers out there.”

“The song bops. It’s got a multi part vocal by the Voldo clan and some back bar boogie piano that scores in the high 90’s on my bop-scale. I think you will love it. The ending has a real funny outro that had to be left in – always have your phone switched off when recording.”

“This wouldn’t be out of place on an episode of ‘Shaft’ or something similar from that era, to be fair I could even hear it on something like ‘Sons of Anarchy’! It’s proper nice feel good up tempo vibes!”

“The artwork is taken from our new album cover, it was designed by Cannon Hill Comics, we gave him an early rough version of our album and thats the design he came up with, a giant mexican wrestler resting his foot on Cannon Hill, a local landmark, with parachuting cows, ufo’s, penguin smoking a pipe and whole lot more.”

“Releasing new music is always exciting for us, we just love to make the music and share it with everyone. This remix is extra special as Invisible Squirrel had an early listen to our album and out of all the tracks he picked to remix, he picked ‘Silky’. He’s really worked some magic on this – compare against original! He’s brought such a good vibe to this!”

‘Silky’ will be available on all major platforms on 20th January. Pre-save here.

Vocals written and performed by Kyle Meldrum and Amanda Lorean, all music written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered by The Invisible Squirrel.