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New Release – Silent Words by Lyon Tide and Julia Faulks

todayOctober 4, 2021 142

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An Englishman, an Indian man and an Italian all walked into an art class at college. They messed around with some paint, life drew a few nudes then decided to form a band and make music. Today they are known as Lyon Tide – an indie alternative pop/rock band from Birmingham (UK). Hailing from the West Midlands, musical prowess and pedigree is something that innately runs through Darren Barnard, Anthony La Pusata and Girish Patel’s veins and over the last few years have been meticulously assembling a lush and layered musical narrative contributing to the post Brit-pop tradition of bands like Snow Patrol, Massive Attack and New Order. Lyon Tide fuses together delicate textures with driving pianos, synths and guitar work, seamlessly transitioning between spare and intimate ballads to soaring, declarative anthems.

The lads released their debut album ‘Beginnings of Ends’ earlier this year. On October 8th a brand new song ‘Silent Words’ will be out. It’s their first collaboration.

“This song is about two close friends who desperately want each other yet are tied to other ongoing relationships. The only time they get to see each other is while with their partners, so all they can do is communicate and express their love for one another through hidden glances and expressions, ergo – ‘Silent Words’.”

“Inspired by real life events, it’s also a nod to Romeo & Juliet in the sense that two people who are meant to be together are forced to sacrifice their relationship for a higher good. So, in answer to the “do the lyrics have a special meaning to you?” and “is the song autobiographical?” questions, yes and yes.”

“In terms of sound it’s not exactly different from our previous releases, because we’ve done a semi acoustic piano ballad with ‘Fight’. In terms of vocals and production though it’s very different. This is our first of hopefully many collaborations with British singer/songwriter, Julia Faulks – who, like ourselves, just started releasing material at the beginning of 2021. However, due to British Covid restrictions, earlier in the year, we never actually got to meet Julia in person so the production was done ‘virtually’ via Instagram and turned out to be quite an unconventional experiment. We’ll let you be the judge of the outcome.”

“While we aspire to have our music used in TV and Film, we also write screenplays and it’s often said that a writer writes what they know, puts a bit of themself or own experience into stories and characters so who knows, maybe we’ll keep this track for one of our own movies which is yet to be written. That said, the song lyrics, themselves, tell quite a profound and tragic story. Maybe we’ll write a script based on the lyrics.”

This is song is a collaboration with Julia Faulks. How and when did you meet?

“We have a very accurate answer to this; it was on the 20th February 2021 when we heard Julia Faulk’s ‘Not Losing Sleep’ track on the CoolTop20 playlist, ironically, and we still have our chat messages via Instagram to prove it. So, what can we say? Thank you to the CoolTop20 team for existing because this collaboration track would probably have never existed without it.”

“We liked her track and voice so decided to ask her if she’d like to collaborate on something with us; either create something original together or sing on one of our tracks. We gave her a couple of demos to listen to, she seemed to gel with ‘Silent Words’ and things kicked off pretty much immediately.”

“The track was written by us and although we had already recorded a full demo with Daz’s vocals we decided to rewrite the entire production on it for something more fitting to Julia’s voice. So, with the demo and piano stems to work off, she recorded her vocals, sent them over and we did the rest; synths, pianos, drums etc. Maybe we’ll release the original demo one day too so people can hear the difference.”

“Overall, a great experience and the first of two collaboration tracks to be released over the next 12 weeks. The next one will be with Lines Of Flight – so watch this space 😉 We’re really excited for that one too.”


Written by: leancool20

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