New Release – Show me where you hide by Lucy, Racquel and me

New Release – Show me where you hide by Lucy, Racquel and me

Lucy, Racquel and me are a band where the moon never sets, literally, Three talents, three continents, one project.

“The three of us have never met, but you can meet us through our music. Lucy (Australia) is in charge of the lyrics, Racquel (California) is our impressive singer, and Me (France), surrounds her with a musical jewel box. The magic of the internet does the rest.”

“On a defunct songwriter forum, I was collaborating with an American lyricist on an EP recorded with a Danish singer. Lucy, also present on this forum, contacted me to propose me some texts/poems. I composed the music and looked for a singer, made a test with two and I retained Racquel, and our first title ‘All true’ was born. Then, we continued on this mode.”

Their new single ‘Show me where you hide’ is out on 21st of January.

“As with all of our tracks, due to the configuration of our band, the recording and mixing is spread around the world, even if, for the first time, the musicians are all French. Racquel recorded the vocals at her place in California. I took care of the keyboards and drums. Jean Michel played all the guitars including the Rickenbaker for the sixties pop feel I wanted to bring out on this track as well as the wurlitzer. Slobo played the bass, added some sounds and mixed the whole thing.”

“Doubt is the first word that comes to mind when releasing a new single. Is the song good enough, did I get the orchestration right, is the melody effective? Excitement of course, on the day of release. The only tangible measure is the number of listens. Will it exceed that of the previous single, will the pre-bookings be good? – even if, in our case, the figure is ridiculously low.

“I gave up the idea of releasing albums a few years ago. With Lucy, Racquel and me, we released two albums and two EPs. The time doesn’t lend itself to albums anymore in my opinion. The world goes faster, everything is zapped quickly. Devoting 40 minutes to the complete listening of a record is out of fashion, that I regret it is another point. As an independent artist with a small fan base and little visibility, it seems to me more judicious to publish songs regularly than to hit a big blow with an album that will have taken a year or more to make and that will quickly sink into oblivion. To maintain the attention with regular publications seems to me more efficient.”