New Release – Show Me That It’s Real by Odd Wall feat Serena Dench

New Release – Show Me That It’s Real by Odd Wall feat Serena Dench

New Release by Odd Wall feat Serena Dench: Odd Wall is a producer/songwriter from England. He has linked up with singer Serena Dench for his first release of 2023 ‘Show Me That It’s Real’ and they have created a monster. This vocal drum and bass track has already been championed by Sian Anderson on BBC 1xtra and it looks like they have a real hit on their hands.

How and when did you meet?

“Serena had a song coming out with Shadow of Light and he asked me to do a drum and bass remix for him which I did, so that was the first time I heard her vocals and it sounded so good over a drum and bass beat. I already had the track made to ‘Show Me That It’s Real’ and instantly thought she would sound great on it. I just hit her up and asked if she would be up for a collab and she said yes so I sent over the track which luckily she liked and BOOM, a monster was created.”

“I wrote the music and had it all arranged and then Serena wrote the lyrics with Louis Bowers and recorded her vocals at his studio. I then mixed and mastered the track up here in freezing Doncaster.”

How would you describe it?

“First of all it’s really catchy, once you’ve heard it once it will be in your head. It’s quite a chilled laid back drum and bass track but at the same time the bass is really dark, but Serena’s vocals compliment it so well. It’s a track that would be at home at an underground drum and bass rave as well as a track that would fit right in on commercial radio. Hoping it gets played at both.”

What’s the song about?

“It’s about really liking someone but not having the guts to tell them how you really feel. You want to cross that line but you are afraid that it could change everything and then things may never be the same again.”

When releasing is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“For once there’s no panic at all, I am so super hyped for the release of this track. I actually made it over a year ago and had other vocals on it but it just didn’t give me that wow feeling. Once Serena got on the track I knew instantly that this was it. So yeah I am beyond excited and cannot wait for people to hear it.”

‘Show Me That It’s Real’ is out 27th January. (Spotify pre-save link.)