New Release – Shout! by Dean Dovey

New Release – Shout! by Dean Dovey

Dean Dovey is a singer/songwriter from the UK’s second city, Birmingham. He didn’t pick up a guitar until his early 30’s, but was full of inspiration from Noel Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft, Tom Petty and The Doors, to name a few. Dean creates symphonic anthems for the soul and mind. His new single ‘SHOUT!‘ will be released on April 30th.

“Here in the UK things are starting to look a lot more positive on the COVID-19 front with the vaccine rollout and falling cases – we’re just starting to lift restrictions. This song was written with a feeling of positivity in mind as we’re finally being able to get back out there and start to feel good energy off people once more.”

“I usually record at my producer’s studio, but since we were still not aloud to mix indoors this was not an option. This time around I bought myself a new recording mic and recorded all my parts at home. I then sent them to Jason Edwards, my producer, to be assembled at his studio. Jason is just an unreal guy – he’s a multi talented musician and is able to play instruments that I’m unable to play well enough such as bass and drums. It’s a really productive fast moving partnership we have when working on a track.”

“I wrote SHOUT! around the beginning of March. At the time of recording it was my most recent written tune, which is a new thing for me as I usually dip into my little catalog of tunes I’ve got ready to record. The timing of this song just felt right.”

“Usually, I’m really excited about a release which I kinda am, but this time I also have a few self doubts, which I think is maybe because it’s been a fast turn around from writing to recording. Plus this track has a slightly different sound to what I’ve done before with the inclusion of some brass and not to forget the good old glockenspiel. I’m sure people will dig it though!”