New Release – Shiny Thing by Death Milkshake

New Release – Shiny Thing by Death Milkshake

Death Milkshake is an Irish multi-instrumentalist live looping artist who fuses electronic sounds with an alternative rock edge, creating a unique and original beat driven hybrid sound. Simple driving beats underpin bass guitar and synth tones layered beneath heavily effected vocals. The performance is essentially fully live electronica, created by playing instruments rather than triggering samples. The danceable disco-punk songs produced have natural flow and dynamics, and in the main, take cues from electronic dance music, post punk and progressive rock amongst other genres.

The lyrical content while seemingly throw-away often has a very deliberate undertone, with serious subject matter approached in a playful or sometimes surreal and ridiculous way. Using scripted looping within Ableton live software, Death Milkshake aims to test the boundaries and expectations of the types of compositions a looping artist can create.

Early 2023 was dedicated to the recording and production of the debut Death Milkshake EP, with Dáithí O Drónaí (Houseplants / Dáithí) on mixing and production duties. The six track EP is made up of songs written during lockdown, with lyrical content expressing both a frustration about that time and the apathy developed as a result. The songs included in the record maintain a dance music feel and a rock music sound.

The first single from the EP ‘Shiny Thing’ releases 17th November, with the EP in full to be released in March 2024.

Why did you decide to release ‘Shiny Thing’ as the first single?

“The song ‘Shiny Thing’ is the first single from my debut six track EP, and there are two main reasons why I chose it as the first single. Firstly, it’s a really good representation of what is to come on the EP. It’s basically a beat driven electronic track with a little touch of alt rock spice in there to to liven it up, which also happens to be an accurate description of the EP as a whole. The second reason is that the song is really an ode to my wife, Tuesday. The lyrics talk about a shiny thing, a metaphor for a person who attracts your attention because they reflect back at you the best parts of yourself. Tuesday for me is certainly that. She has been such a massive support to me throughout the two years that have passed since I came up with the idea for the project. None of my music would exist without her, so I wanted to get this one out there first as a thank you to her and also to our little daughter Ziggy. This one’s for them!”

How did the collaboration with producer Dáithí come about?

“We met two years ago, when I was just beginning my journey as a live looper. I went to an Ableton Live workshop where Dáithí was one of the tutors. What I learned that day was hugely beneficial in me being able to pull off the performance of my songs in a live setting.”

“After the initial meeting we kept in touch, I wrote a bunch of songs and recorded demos, but I was acutely aware that my mixing skills were not up to scratch when it came to bringing the songs up to release quality. It made total sense to get Dáithí involved so I sent him some demo’s and he was really excited to get involved.”

“I wrote and recorded everything in my studio which is in a mongolian yurt called ‘Teenage Yurtbag’ beside my house. I then brought everything down to Dáithí’s studio in Clare, where he did the mixing and together we put the finishing production touches on the songs.”

“It was a really great process. The experience and ideas that Dáithí brought to the mixing and production phase really elevated the songs beyond what I could even have hoped for. I’m so happy with how everything sounds and I just can’t wait to get the first single out there on November 17th.”

Is there a sense of excitement or panic for the release of the single?

“I’m definitely excited to get the song out there, particularly with this being a new project, and my first time releasing as a solo artist rather than as part of a band. I’m really proud of the song and the others that will follow, and I can’t wait for the world to get a listen. Being an independent artist and having to juggle work and family along with making music, it’s been a long process to get here but I’ve given it everything, and happy to be on the cusp of the waterfall of music to follow.”

Is the release accompanied with a music video?

“Yes, so the music video is a self directed, one shot video that took 18 minutes to shoot (condensed into 4 minutes), after weeks of planning by myself, the DOP Marek Petrovic, and the small cast. We shot it on the street in Galway City, opening ourselves up to a lot of variables outside of our control. All of my songs are live looped when played live, which requires a lot of precision and concentration and I guess I wanted to reflect that in the video.”

“The idea being that we have a full 18 minute shot that we have to nail. It wasn’t without it’s quirks but we got there in the end. The video will be released on Wednesday 22nd November on my website.”

The sound of Death Milkshake has been likened to “A more synth Human League” – Brian Lally (RTE Radio 1), with the live performance being described as an “unmissable, powerful one man performance” – Craig Hughes (Director – Night & Day Music festival)

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