New Release – She is by Chenél No.1

New Release – She is by Chenél No.1

Chenél No.1 is a singer-songwriter from South Africa, who creates an interesting blend of rock, pop and folk songs with her unique alto voice. She loves to explore different genres and her music is mostly guitar-driven with lyrics that weave a rich tapestry of storytelling.

Her new release ‘She is’ will be out 14th April. Pre-save the song here.

“My mother has been such a stronghold in my life. Let’s face it, mom’s have a hard job. Their life is always full of challenges and surprises and they always find the strength to deal with them. Whatever the obstacle or hardship your mom will always be there to hold you up, look forward and face each challenge head on.”

“It turns out that ‘She is’ is not just a song about appreciating your mother. It’s a revolutionary anthem for every woman.”

“I would describe ‘She is’ as a gentle acoustic song that focuses on the visual experience of story telling where the listener will “see” what they hear. I referenced a power feline as a metaphor for my mother and chose the artwork to be a lioness in black and white with piercing blue eyes like that of my own mother. Eyes that see through your walls, inside your heart and know exactly what to say when you’re feeling defeated.”

“This song may be specifically about my mother, but I’m sure ‘She is’ will be a great addition to every Mother’s Day playlist because it will remind you of how important and wonderful own your mother is.”

“My original idea was to write an EP consisting of songs I’ve specifically wrote for each of my daughters as well as lullaby. I then realized that mothers and daughters are such an integral part of each other’s lives and I couldn’t not celebrate my daughters without honoring my mother as well. So in essence my song ‘She is’ is part of my EP that still need to be announced in the upcoming months. This a legacy project and my way of showing everyone the inner parts of my heart for those I love dearly.”


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