New Release – Set Yourself Free by Electric Sol

New Release – Set Yourself Free by Electric Sol

Electric Sol is a 1980s influenced, synthpop danceband from Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Independent, curious, open minded, and respectful, these quirky nerds love learning from different life perspectives and making people move. Their new single ‘Set Yourself Free’ comes out 26th May. You can pre-save the song here.

What is ‘Set Yourself Free’ about?

“The song ‘Set Yourself Free’ is about the importance of self-examination. I believe that people often get caught up in cultural trends and personal relationships that aren’t healthy without even realizing it, and that these are distractions that take away from lots of beautiful things in life. The song’s rallying cry is that we should all try to find common ground with each other and do the right things, instead of acting out power struggles that prevent us from taking advantage of the best life has to offer.”

What inspired you to write it?

“It started out as a remix of a song we released in 2021 called ‘Let The Music In’. Kiimono, a Los Angeles-based producer, we’ve been working with – he produced ‘One-Way Ticket’, ‘The Way You Love Me’ and our cover of OMD’s ‘Dream Of Me (Based On Love’s Theme)’ earlier this year – sent me the track out of the blue. I really liked it, but it had such a different vibe than our original song that I thought it would be better if we turned it into something new. I listened to the demo over and over and at some pointthe line “Is it all about you?” popped into my head. After that, the rest of the song came together pretty quickly.”

Is the song autobiographical?

“Like all the songs I write, autobiography and observation sort of blur together in the lyrics of ‘Set Yourself Free’. I tend to write about things that are common to most people, knowing that everyone is going to have their own take on things. So, for example, even though I’m thinking about something when I write or sing a lyric that’sdifferent from what someone else is going to think about when they hear it, I expect that everyone can relate to it on some level.”

​Where was it recorded and mixed?

“Our producer Kiimono arranged and recorded the track in his studio in L.A., my bandmate Lindsey and I did the vocal recording in her studio here in Phoenix, and Anton Wikstrom did the mixing and mastering somewhere in Sweden.”

“I tested my vocal range on this song and Anton was challenged to get the low/bass parts to cut through the mix. There are only three short backup lines in the bridge that are in that low register, but it was important to me that they popped out.”


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