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New Release – Set Your Life On Fire by Tommy O’Neill

todayApril 3, 2023 71 6

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Tommy O’Neill (UK) is an independent musician, who writes and produces his own music. He’s also one half of the duo, 432 UK.

“Music has always been a massive part of my life. One of the blessings of being the youngest of a large family was being exposed to music beyond my years, such as The Beatles and The Stone Roses, to name two of the best! I love to play and busk in the streets, something I have done all over Europe, in Australia and the USA. Busking even got me into a Fleetwood Mac concert! More recently, in 2021, I toured the UK with a few other fearless souls, to stand up for freedom and bring people together after prolonged enforced-isolation. We were able to do what we did, in part, due to the generosity of Eric Clapton and Van Morrison.”

Tommy’s new single is called ‘Set Your Life On Fire’. The single is set be released on 11th April.

“This song is about overcoming fear, fulfilling one’s potential, and going for your dreams. All things I need to do! Lyrically, it was inspired by the Sufi poet, Rumi, with pretty much all of the lyrics being direct quotes. Musically though, it is based off a funky song my partner and I wrote together, called Rumi Groove, in which we incorporated pearls of wisdom from Rumi and Eckhart Tolle, and it was so good I wanted to write another just like it! Although I am very glad that they have ended up sounding nothing alike, apart from the funky rhythm guitar!”

“To me “Set Your Life On Fire” means, “give it all you’ve got!” Which is something The Clash frontman, Joe Strummer once said. “Give it all you’ve got or forget it!” And so with this song I am essentially giving myself a kick up the bum. Hopefully anyone else who needs that kind of reminder will hear the song! We all have so much potential, and with all the distractions in the world, especially nowadays, it’s easy not to fulfil it and just be a passive consumer, rather than a powerful creator.”

“I do pretty much all the artwork for my songs and the artwork for this particular song is from a painting I did in 2019, inspired by my love of The Stone Roses and their Jackson Pollock-influenced artwork. I feel it is perfect for this song, being an explosion of colour! Almost like the beginning of the universe…”

Written by: leancool20

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