New Release – Seize the Day by June Road

New Release – Seize the Day by June Road

June Road are songwriting duo Harry Pane and violinist Maia Frankowski. Harry is a British indie folk singer/songwriter. Maia is a Belgian violinist. The duo met on stage when Harry was supporting Marillion on their UK/European tour in 2019 and Maia was playing strings for the band.

Their collaboration began in 2020 with the release of ‘Time’, followed by ‘Dream of You’ and ‘Another Page’. These singles saw the beginning of their transition into what is now June Road. Their first release as June Road ‘Seize the Day’ is out today.

The debut single is part of their upcoming EP that will be out later this year. Expect a blend of rich vocal harmonies, rhythmic finger picking guitar work and the warm melodic tones of the violin.

“When I write with Maia, it’s like we’re playing a game of tennis. Shooting ideas back and forth to each other. She is a fantastic musician and great with harmonies, so the whole thing is a delight for sure!”

Their shared passion for travelling inspired a lot of the songs written.

“I love to travel. Maia and I both love to travel, so whenever we can, we get on the road and explore!”

“For the cover art we used a photo we took on a travelling adventure last summer for our artwork. Drinking by the fire and sleeping by the river.”