New Release – Sea Salt, London Sessions by Dorsten

New Release – Sea Salt, London Sessions by Dorsten

Award winning, international recording artist Dorsten are an indie/folk/rock brother-sister band from the Phoenix area (USA). Sophie and Alex started in a band together as children and then did their separate projects for several years as they learned their craft. They came back together realizing how well they work together as you can hear at their shows and in their original music – the lyrics, music, creativity, and production are beyond their years. Dorsten has been performing together for years and has opened for national touring acts and at numerous music festivals.

They’ve toured in the PNW and in London (England) where they also recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Studio Two and RAK Studios. They are heading back to London next week to play five shows. Dorsten are also releasing their ‘London Sessions’ EP at the end of next week, starting with ‘Sea Salt – London Sessions’.

“We are so excited to release our ‘London Sessions’ EP and it starts with this one, ‘Sea Salt’. This was the first song Alex and I created and released together back in 2020. We recorded this version in Abbey Road Studios, Studio 2 back in March of 2022. After ‘Sea Salt’ releases on Friday, May 12th, we will be releasing a new song from our ‘London Sessions’ EP every day that we are in London.”

“Since this was first song we created and released together we thought it was the perfect “first song” for our ‘London Sessions’ EP.”

“I painted the covers for each song and the EP from a photograph that was taken at Abbey Road that day we recorded and simply changed the colors to represent each song and then the final EP cover.”

“Walking in Abbey Road Studios was so amazing – you could feel the energy in the room. Just knowing that some of the biggest names in music have recorded there did put a lot of pressure on us. I was definitely feeling like I needed to live up to the room’s expectations (laughs). Our producer there was Lewis Jones – he’s worked with so many HUGE names there but he was incredibly kind and patient with us feeling nervous. We also had a string quartet perform the songs with us which was unbelievably cool. Andrew Joslyn composed the strings to go with our songs and the first time we heard them warming up was to ‘Sea Salt’ and it was almost surreal – hearing our song played with strings in Abbey Road!! Favourite memory for sure!!”

Sea Salt – London Sessions’ is out 12th May.


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