New Release – Saturday Mornin’ by Collective Music Society

New Release – Saturday Mornin’ by Collective Music Society

Collective Music Society is a collective of songwriters, musicians and producers, with a complete mix of styles and influences – including rock, folk, pop, hip-hop and EDM.

“We formed in the summer of 2021, joining together to make music that we love and to share it with people who love music. There are eleven creatives in our collective: Billy, Blair, Chris, Gaz, Greg, Jenna, Neil, Paul, Phil, Ross and Simon. We also have Craig who oversees everything and pulls it all together. Our creatives are from all across the United Kingdom. No matter where we are it’s our love of creating music that connects us.”

Their new single ‘Saturday Mornin’ will be out 28th April.

“The song tells us the story of three different artists – Lil Woody Wood x Micwise x TheCureForMadness – who each provide us with a verse describing the challenges that they have faced as artists in the music industry and why they continue to write lyrics and perform. The running theme is that their music and words provide them with freedom of expression – something that we all do as artists. The track was produced and music composed by the creatives of the Collective Music Society.”

This track would best be categorised as ‘boom bap’ hip hop / RnB, which is very different to the style of tracks that we have produced and released previously. We love all styles of music in the Collective Music Society, and so our creatives are constantly wanting to explore new genres for our releases. Having released tracks that have been indie-rock, folk / singer-songwriter, dub and house EDM, we are excited to see what people think of this latest style of track.”

“When we composed the music for the track, we always felt like it captured the spirit of New York on a Saturday Morning; hence the title of the track! With the cover art and accompanying video that can be found on our YouTube channel following release, we went with the theme of New York. The cover art captures the sun rise between the beautiful New York skyline but viewed through a cut wire fence across the Hudson river; capturing the street element of this boom-bap hip-hop style track.”