New Release – Reflect (EP) by Electric Palace

New Release – Reflect (EP) by Electric Palace

Originating out of the Lower East side, bi coastal duo Electric Palace, comprised of NYC’s TJ Rosenthal (vocals and guitar) and LA’s Joe Zdaa (drums and vocals), released their debut EP as Monk Tamony, in the summer of 2016. The band has since become known as Electric Palace.

Their forthcoming EP ‘Reflect’ is named after its title track. The EP is due out on 10th March.

“The album title encapsulates that long drawn out Covid time. Where we all were almost forced to take stock of life. The title track catches the narrator having “time to reflect on things that went wrong” in some personal relationship.”

“Another song on the album, ‘Family, God and Guns’ questions whether or not society is practicing what it preaches and whether or not the purity of that truth and honesty is growing out of reach.”

“This album differs slightly from our 2022 LP ‘Pretend’ with a heavier sound rock wise. There is more of a disco motif in the music.These tracks were written during 2021, when NYC turned more barren, dirty and sketchy. A time reminiscent of the late 70’s when disco was first emerging uptown. Hence the inspiration for that sonic direction.”

“The EP was written and recorded in three places. TJ’s and Joe’s home studios in NYC and Los Angeles and at producer Justin Ripley’s LA studio in Glassell Park. We are proud of this record having come together during that time of challenges all musicians faced. When in person interaction and domestic travel was seen as risky, and thus kept to a minimum. To keep moving forward, all bands had to find a way to create and record any way we could.”


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