New Release – Red Skies by Sophie Dorsten

New Release – Red Skies by Sophie Dorsten

I don’t think Sophie Dorsten needs any introduction…most of her songs ended up in our chart. Will her new track ‘Red Skies‘ one also make the chart?

“This song is about me knowing who I am and not letting anyone else tell me differently.”

“Like my last couple of songs, this one was recorded in my brother’s room. He produced it and did all the music – I wrote the lyrics and sang. Mark Needham mixed it and Marcussen Mastering mastered it. We are distributing through Ingrooves/UMG with WorldSound as the label.”

“The cover art is something I created using a photograph my Dad took in Venice and then I distorted it and edited the rest.”

‘Red Skies’ will be out on July 2nd. Sophie an her brother Alex have songs lined up to release each month for the rest of the year.