New Release – Reap what you sow by Charlie Smith

New Release – Reap what you sow by Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith is a singer-songwriter from Hampshire (UK).

“My name might be common but my style is alternative. My sound is chillingly sweet, raw, and emotive in keeping my honest approach of recording with no unnecessary effects. Focusing on chords and melody above all else. I’m proud of my music, not because it’s perfect but because it tells a story.”

Charlie’s new single ‘Reap what you sow’ will be out August 26th.

“The inspiration for this song is really from the John Lennon demo tapes. I wrote this song because I was listening to his music a lot and just generally 60s music. I liked the idea of writing a slightly political, folk rock song.”

“I’m hoping to achieve closer success to my first single release ‘Have it all‘ rather than the song I released most recently. I grew to quite dislike it to be honest. Think this is one of the better songs I have written.”

“It was recorded and mixed in my bedroom like all my music and honestly, the recording was awful. I had to do so many takes and it’s not that kinda song it just needs to be done. But my guitar was buzzing and my string very worn, but that’s the style of the song I wanted that sound. Yeah, even though I know I wanted that sound it was quite hard to achieve it. Very stressful but probably didn’t need to be.”