New Release – Rage by Artesan

New Release – Rage by Artesan

Artesan are a five-piece indie / alternative rock band from Falkirk (Scotland) comprising of Ronnie Bissett (lead vocals), Dickson Telfer (bass), Will Treeby (acoustic guitar), Bryce Bissett (lead guitar) and Stuart Blackwood (drums). Originally formed in 2010 with Ronnie, Dickson and Will, the band took a break before re-forming in 2018 with Stuart and Bryce (Ronnie’s son). They have released three singles since 2020 with ‘Rage’ being the fourth.

“The song is really about guys our lead singer used to meet when he was younger living in a council estate, just really angry guys who had no idea what they were angry about but had an arrogance that made them feel important. They were interesting but very scary and unpredictable and it always stuck with him about how they see themselves.”

“The track was originally written in 2013 but it had more metal rock feel and we wanted to update it a bit and give it a more bluesy rock vibe, we loved the track so much that we wanted to release it as a proper single and not leave it as an old demo.”

“We describe it as a grooving, bluesy rock tune with an epic finale! The first half of the song feels like a western standoff and was inspired by the QOTSA desert sessions where it has this feel of some guys in a room just jamming. The second part is just an explosion of rock, that’s the only way it can be described!”

“When we stumbled on the riff for the second half, we had been noodling with the song in rehearsal, trying to link the two parts and our guitarist played the riff and it all fell into place from there. It was a cool moment as we knew at that point how good it was going to sound.”

“This track is definitely darker and a harder sound then our previous releases, we didn’t deliberately set out to make a track like that, it’s just how it turned out but it does show that we do have a heavier rock sound in us.”

‘Rage’ will be released on 10th March. A pre save link is available.

Influences of the band are The Verve, Oasis, Guns n’ Roses, U2, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Embrace and Radiohead.


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