New Release – Punk Rock Ruined My Life by Thirsty Curses

New Release – Punk Rock Ruined My Life by Thirsty Curses

Thirsty Curses are a rock ‘n roll band from Raleigh, NC (USA), formed by Wilson Getchell in 2017. The band has featured a rotating cast of musicians with Getchell and bassist Clayton Herring serving as the two mainstays. Thirsty Curses draws from a wide array of influences and rock subgenres including indie rock, alt-country, punk, garage rock, and power pop.

Their new single ‘Punk Rock Ruined My Life’ will be out 17th March. A pre-save is available.

“The song sprung out of a joke between me and my friend Chris. We were joking about all the different ways that punk rock had ruined their lives. We thought it would be funny to start speaking to kids high schools about the dangers of punk rock music. We figured we could pass out Eagles records to set kids on the right path. That whole idea really cracked me up so I decided to write a song about it. Although the lyrics says “punk rock ruined my life” several times, we don’t actually believe that, but we think it’s pretty funny.”

“Incidentally, I wrote the song years ago and it has been a part of our live sets since the band’s formation. For whatever reason though, we never got around to actually recording it.”

“I have a studio in my house and one night this past December we were just bored on a Friday night. I randomly turned to Clay and said, “do you want to record ‘Punk Rock Ruined My Life’? We can probably knock it out in a couple hours”. He was like, “yeah, let’s do it”. Our drummer was out of town at the time so I did the drumming for this one. I think it’s the first Thirsty Curses recording I’ve played drums on… Anyway, we figured that’s ok – if memory serves Paul played drums on ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’ because Ringo wasn’t around. It happens. Haha. Our friend William also helped with some background vocals. Clay played the bass and glockenspiel. I did the guitar, drums, and vocals.”

“This release is somewhat different previous releases. It’s a bit of a novelty song. At the same time, a lot of songs’ lyrics have a similar tongue-in-cheek/sarcastic style. There is another song off of our album ‘All Shook Up’ called ‘Today’s Kids (Are Not Rockers)’ which is somewhat similar in tone in that they’re both joke songs.”

“It was recorded in our home studio and mixed/mastered by our regular guy, Benjamin Jenkersen, who has mixed/mastered our last three records.”

“There will be a music video available on our YouTube channel. The bass player Clayton and I sometimes go out busking in Raleigh where we live or in various towns when touring. We thought this song would be a good one to base around busking. The video was planned out, but it is a pretty accurate representation of what it’s like for us when we go out busking. But for shooting we just spent a couple of hours shooting in the spot in Raleigh where we normally busk. Incidentally, we busk outside this cool store called Munjo Munjo. I started busking out in front of that store years ago and over time have actually developed a relationship with the owner, Jaime. He’s a really cool guy. We now have official permission to busk out there whenever we want, so that’s pretty nice. When we were filming some security guard tried to give us a hard time about it, but once we told him we were Munjo Munjo’s guests, he left us alone.”

“This song is not going to be on an album, but we are pretty deep into recording another album, which will hopefully be out at some point in 2023. We also have a couple other independent singles lined up. We decided not to include this on an album just because it’s sort of a stand-alone novelty song of sorts. A lot of our other material has humorous elements to it, but this song is explicitly a joke.”

“We also are releasing a compilation vinyl of material from our first three albums through Fake Chapter Records called ‘Through the Daze’. It should be out this summer. This single won’t be on that either, but figured I should plug the forthcoming vinyl either way. Haha – pretty stoked about it.”


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