New Release – Pulsar by Springworks

New Release – Pulsar by Springworks

Springworks is a band named after an auto parts shop in Canada. The band consists of two members: Ryan Rollinson and David Beaman. They’ve been playing music from the day they met in a vocal choir class that Ryan was taking and David came in to drop out of.

“We met in high school. After David dropped out of choir class we kept running into each other in different classes. Each of us thought the other was funny.”

On 19th August their new single ‘Pulsar’ from the upcoming album ‘Chapter Thieves’ will be out.

“David wrote Pulsar, both music and lyrics. He also played synth, guitar, percussion and sings the lead vocal. Ryan played synth, guitar, percussion and sings background and harmony vocals.”

“All of the songs we write are autobiographical. We can’t seem to get out of our own heads to change our point of view for longer than a verse or two. Even when we specifically try to write from another perspective it ends up inevitably filtered through our own tastes and history.”

“The recording was split between two locations 3048.9 kilometres away from each other. Ryan records some parts and David records others. The mixing is done by David.”

“We’ve played together for a long time but it still makes us feel giddy to put a new song out there. We often wonder about who might be listening.”