New Release – Promised Land by Doctor Rock

New Release – Promised Land by Doctor Rock

What happens when old school rock lovers from India meet a country blues vocalist? Well, you get Doctor Rock. Doctor Rock was formed at the beginning of 2016 when brothers Rugy (lead guitar) and Wulf (drummer) started off jamming with vocalist Steele in a shanty garage of Mumbai.

From their first week of inception, Doctor Rock started winning rock competitions across the state. In a short time span, Doctor Rock started performing gigs all over the city and their music was played on several international radio stations.

Doctor Rock’s song portfolio comprises of rock anthems to country rock to jazzy blues to foot tapping old school rock ‘n roll. With every bandmember writing songs, the lyrics are inspired by their journey, heartbreaks, aspirations, rage and love. Their motto: “We are here to heal you with our music”.

“We moved to the city to pursue extra educational opportunities and got into music playing instead and that’s when ‘Promised Land’ was recorded on a phone for the first time. It’s our very first ever composed song that we’re going to share with y’all now.”

“This song has meant a lot for us since the start, we are whatever we are because of this song. This song has given us and our audiences a hope or faith in Doctor Rock. Unfortunate to release it so late, but now it feels like it’s the best time.”

“The song covers almost all the feels, so for instance, a badass entry, driving into the sunset, a guy fighting 10 people at once, etc. So it would fit any movie.”

‘Promised Land’ will be out 4th March. You can find Doctor Rock on almost every music streaming website. A video will be released later this month.