New Release – Petra by The What?

New Release – Petra by The What?

The What? are a classic/alternative rock band from Alburtis, Pennsylvania (USA). They started out as four family members and a friend just getting together to play cover song every few weeks.

“We got our name because the four family members in the band all have an inherited hearing issue. We ask each other questions and the answer is always “What?” because of our hearing. The name stuck.”

A few years ago, they wrote their first song so that they would have one original song to play. The band completed their first album which was released on vinyl late last year.

‘Petra’ is the second single released that will eventually be on their second album. The release date is 14th October.

“The song is about wanting to experience something and building up thoughts and images about what that experience is going to be like. It could be another person, or an event, or a place. The experience then exceeds all expectations, but it ends as quickly as it begins. It ends because returning to reality needs to happen, the experience only lasts a short while, or even death. The only feeling left about the experience is how much love for it is still there.”

“The lyrics to the song are always meaningful to songs by The What?, and in this case were the first part of the song that was written. As with many of our songs, the lyrics have personal meaning, but that meaning is carefully hidden so that the listener can read into the lyrics whatever they like.”

“The cover art for ‘Petra’ was designed and created by the band and is part of the meaning behind the lyrics. The picture was taken by the songwriter and was part of the experience behind the lyrics of the song. IF the listener knows where the picture was taken, they can then start to unravel the mystery of what Petra is truly about.”