New Release – PANIC! by The Gastown Panic (pt 3)

New Release – PANIC! by The Gastown Panic (pt 3)

The Gastown Panic will release their second studio album on the 22nd of August. It’s called ‘PANIC!’. Read about their favourite song of the new album and their expectations.

MH: “It has changed a few times over the months we’ve been making it. I think maybe my current favourite is ‘One By One/Pinned Down’, as I think it might be the best we’ve done vocally and sounds a million miles away from the original acoustic guitar version. It’s two songs combined – we both wrote them independently and realised that they had similar chord and melody structures, and as we loved them both there was only one thing to do.”

GJ: “My current favourite is, “I’ve Forgotten You…”. It almost seems like I hear something new every time I listen to it. It also has relevance to a more recent situation.”

GJ: “I think ‘The Shun’ is the most accessible. It’s probably the only song with a dance move hidden in the lyrics. It’s the only song you can stomp to. And who doesn’t like a stomp now and again.

MH: “‘The Shun’ for me too – when the going gets tough, choose to dance!”

What movie should feature your music and why?

MH: “Oh, that’s a hard question. I think it would have to be some sort of dystopian movie for this album – all those themes of fear, distress and panic but maybe a hopeful thread too. I could imagine ‘Fix The Future’ soundtracking something a bit dystopian and sci-fi – maybe a film like ‘Silent Running’.”

What are you hoping to achieve?

MH: “In all honesty, anything that happens with the release will be a bonus for us. We just love making music together so any airplay, feedback, downloads and streams are a happy by-product of a process that we enjoy. Back at the start of recording songs for ‘Panther Milk Bar’ we didn’t even consider formally releasing the music but it’s so easy to do these days. That’s the one upside of the modern music industry, but we do feel for young artists trying to make a living at this, as the rewards are just not there any more.”

GJ: “There is a sense of excitement AND PANIC, and I think there is a fine line between both emotions. There is also a sense of relief that we seem to be heading in a direction that means we can continue to produce more music on a regular basis.”

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