New Release – Overtime by Andre Pettipas and the Giants

New Release – Overtime by Andre Pettipas and the Giants

Andre Pettipas and The Giants have gained a reputation as an incredibly tight live act, and as a band that routinely crank out the kind of eminently hooky, sing-a-long anthems that stick in your head and just won’t let go. A reputation that not only got producer, Brian Moncarz’s (Alice Cooper, Our Lady Peace) attention but drew a variety of musical heavyweights as guests on their sophomore album, ‘No Fools No Fun’.

With their “take no prisoners” live performances, stellar musicianship and a habit of finding grist for the songwriting mill from southern rock to pop and prog, Andre Pettipas and The Giants are a rarity – an act who absolutely refuse to let anything take the fun out of their creative process and performances on record or the stage, and with no fear of stepping outside the box to get their message across.

Andre Pettipas and the Giants are gearing up for another single release this Friday, February 4th, for their song ‘Overtime’ that was featured during game 4 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

“The opening line states: “You’re life’s a movie and you’re the main star”. Projecting that you’re in control of your destiny. Nothing is going to come easy and some days will be harder than others. You have to work ‘overtime’ to start getting results all the while not losing yourself in the process.”

“The bridge reads, “Take your time to realize that success doesn’t happen over night. Ease your mind, to go find…hard work pays off over time” which is a life lesson to myself to trust in your process, make a game plan but realize that the music business isn’t like winning the lottery. Your success can fluctuate from day to day, month to month. The most important thing is to keep consistent with what you do and find ways to make it fun.”

The music video for ‘Overtime’ will premiere this Friday during a live stream (8PM Atlantic) on the band’s Facebook and YouTube pages. After the premiere it will be available to view on YouTube.

“We filmed the music video at Waveform Entertainment in Montreal during our ‘Road To El Mocambo’ tour in September where we also recorded a double live album that will be released this spring.”

“For the music video we took inspiration from the movie, ‘Airheads’ where Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi took over the radio station to try and get their demo on the air. We took over a sports broadcast station as an ode to a feature that we had on Sportsbet in July during the NHL Stanley Cup Finals where this song was played during the montage ending regulation and heading into ‘Overtime’.”

“When releasing a new single there’s a definitely a sense of excitement and panic, especially in pandemic times. Ideally you’d want to tour a new single but with our current restrictions we aren’t even able to perform as a band live, hence the live stream. We wanted to keep our loyal fans entertained and have been holding off on releasing the video for too long. We are excited to let go a new music video and find creative ways to promote the single.”