New Release – Ooh yeah by Johnny & the Box

New Release – Ooh yeah by Johnny & the Box

Johnny & the Box (UK) began as a recording experiment with the debut album ’15 Minutes’ in 2016. The sophomore album ‘Scapegoat‘ was released in 2020. ‘The Runaways‘ was released in 2021.

“Having played, and recorded, music in various bands for many years, Johnny & the Box really started as my solo home recording experiment. However, with two albums now under my belt and a further album on the way, I suppose it has become more than just an experiment! Most of the music is written, performed, recorded and produced by me. Although, I have also started to collaborate with some good friends in terms of songwriting, and also in terms of asking them to make ‘guest’ appearances on various tracks.”

The new track is called ‘Ooh yeah’ and it will released on all major streaming platforms, and also for digital download on Bandcamp, on 9th September. You can pre-save the single here.

“This will be the first single from my forthcoming album ‘Truth and Lies’, which will be released later this year. It is the first time that I have used a single to promote an album and the pre-saves have been very positive so far. If it goes well, I may decide to release another single before releasing the album.”

“The song is really about the way that ‘opposites’ can attract each other, but also frustrate each other as well! It is only autobiographical in as much as it is something that I see with my friends and relatives all the time!”

“It is actually quite an optimistic, uptempo number and it is the first time that I have tried to incorporate a ‘Brass section’ (albeit synthesized) into my music. It was all recorded in the spring of this year at my home, which I lovingly refer to as Maclagan Road Studios!”

“There will be an accompanying video which will be released at approximately the same time as the track. I am lucky that my brother in law is both a songwriter, and also an expert at creating videos. I tend to give him a rough story outline and he works his magic!”

Keep an eye out for the video on his YouTube channel.

“With true ‘independent spirit’ I always create the artwork myself and I always tend to draw on Art Deco images, probably due to my love of history. It is also, probably, subconsciously influenced by my love of the music and artwork of Joy Division and New Order. However, I recognise that I am definitely not Peter Saville!”