New Release – One That Remains (album) by Daniel Tidwell

New Release – One That Remains (album) by Daniel Tidwell

New Release – One That Remains (album) by Daniel Tidwell: Daniel Tidwell (USA) is the Emperor of #TheFinds and host of the New Artist Spotlight 20, which can be heard every week at 11PM Central on BlueTorch Radio and in syndication throughout the week on many stations around the world. He records under the artist moniker DanielTidwell14.

Daniel Tidwell has released his new album ‘One That Remains’.

“Readers can follow me on their platform of choice and it’ll show up in their release radar. For Spotify that’s here.

How would you describe the album? 

“Overall it fits loosely in the alternative rock category, but it’s got a lot of blues influences in at least three of the tracks, and a myriad of electronic music influences throughout.”

What does the album’s title reveal?

“It’s the title of the opening track, which sets the stage for all that follows. That track is about how we effectively eliminate the different versions of ourselves that could have been with every choice we make, until we, in the present, are the ‘one that remains’. The rest of the album builds off that theme by narrowing in on a few of those choices.”

What’s the most accessible song on the album? 

“The song ‘One That Remains’ might be. But, ‘Again and Again and Again’ and ‘Nightwalk Tears’ cater specifically to those who aren’t into the ‘noise’ aspects of hard music, and just want something that sounds nice.”

Do you have a favourite song on the album? 

“Tough, but the title track and ‘Waking Up’ are probably tied at the top. I will say the production on ‘One That Remains’ is better, as it was masterfully mixed and engineered by Charles Connolly, who is a legend in New Artist Spotlight circles. It was very nice to pass off that load to someone significantly more skilled in those areas, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.”

Will you be releasing any singles of the album? 

“I worked in reverse, by releasing a ton of the singles while I finished the album. ‘Waking Up’ and ‘Fool Me Twice’ were released in the later part of 2021, while ‘Road’, ‘Again and Again and Again’, and ‘Suits (You Learn)’ were released steadily throughout 2022. I am considering doing a remix single release for ‘Nightwalk Tears’ with the right producer. I just think there are producers out there that are more technically gifted than me that could add a level of shine to that one, that I was not able to achieve.”

Is there a song on the album you’re nervous about releasing out to the world? 

“The singles from it have already done so well, I honestly have no nerves about this one. It’s already been a commercial success even if the LP is completely ignored. If I had to pick one though, it’s ‘When You’re Dead’. I completely redid the vocals and they are very bare with minimal production. It’s an odd track and it makes me feel a little naked.”

Is there a sense of excitement or panic for this release? 

“Lots of excitement! It’s my first full length release in over two years! I was definitely more nervous about ‘All Geared Up’ when it came out.”