New Release – One Cannot Be Two by Alex Paisley Stedman

New Release – One Cannot Be Two by Alex Paisley Stedman

Alex Paisley Stedman vowed during lockdown that from here out, she’d record and release a new single every month. But quantity does not equal quality so she and her producer/dad: Jim Stedman endlessly scrutinize and debate to find the best selections to record from their writing sessions.

The new single ‘One Cannot Be Two’ is out April 8th.

“‘One Cannot Be Two’ is a musical theatre-inspired solo ballad…about recalling a past love affair; while there is a longing, there is also the concession that the relationship was toxic and not meant to be. Close your eyes and imagine the main character of this made-up musical singing their raw admission on stage to the theater audience as the finale of the first act.”

“This song takes its inspiration from the stage. It was definitely a fun experiment in the musical theatre world. I see it in a modern-pop, coming-of-age/heartbreak tale that has yet to be written. Maybe something in the same realm as Legally Blonde (the musical) or Mean Girls (the musical). After seeing so many musicians and creators online, making full-fledged productions from their basement – like Bridgerton (the musical) and Ratatouille (the tiktok musical) – we thought we’d try to create at least one song from that genre.”

“It was important that the cover art look as dramatic and musical theater-adjacent as possible to convey the right tone. We ended up editing the mirrored and shattered glass effect more than a few times ‘till we landed on what we have now. The font was another back-and-forth, but we finally decided to go more classic to make the cover art look like a musical theater magazine cover (if you will).”