New Release – One by One by Dizzy Panda

New Release – One by One by Dizzy Panda

Dizzy Panda are a producers duo from The Netherlands. They don’t stick to a specific genre and like to blend genres with a touch of psychedelic (Dizzy) or retro (Panda) influences. Like all panda’s they have a dark and a bright side…

Their new single ‘One by One’ is a retro funky tune and hits the platforms on June 24th! Last minute pre-save link

“Our goal was to create a retro sound with a hypnotic and (slow) danceable feel. For this track we used samples in 4 different languages to celebrate the world is opening up again. One by One. Let’s dance. Let’s funk and have some fun”.

Can’t wait? Their funky music video is already available at

Don’t forget to check out their website for the latest news: and follow them at: @dizzypandamusic on their socials.