New Release – On The Table by Elephant and Stars

New Release – On The Table by Elephant and Stars

Elephants and Stars are a rock ‘n’ roll Canadian five-piece outfit with a real twist. Taking on the reinforcement of bringing the ever resurgent rock scene back to its hay day, the band, fronted by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Manfred Sittmann, have something extra to offer in their modern and refined sound.

Since bursting onto the scene in peak 2020, the quintet have been taking their homeland by storm, being spun on national radio and single ‘Ceasefire‘ blowing up on Spotify with over one hundred thousand streams.

They now arrive with their new brilliantly titled 6-track EP ‘Last Chance Power Drive’. Produced by Ian Blurton, he immediately jumped on working with them and specifically the thundering lead single ‘On The Table’. This track holds so much of what the rock ‘n’ roll lovers crave, a four chord guitar loop and a riff that is as infectious as it is commanding. There’s a real turn on the nostalgia in this one, taking note of legendary band Foo Fighters with Sittmann’s high vocals and harmonies, alongside the band’s tight-knit performance.

It’s brought back to the modern day so subtly though, with some high end synths that resolve themselves at the end of the chorus, making for an even more compelling listen. The rock and punk further ensure, with something that we all know that we miss in the break, a short but very sweet guitar solo. Elephants and Stars have nailed their sound, and it’s one that will surely carry through all of the age and linger long after its end.

“It is a pretty straight-ahead riff rock song, with our usual punk-rock flirtations. We have always tended to straddle that line like a lot of my favourite bands do – Against Me!, Gaslight Anthem, Jimmy Eat World. I like bands with big choruses and I am always happy when we write something in that sort of vein.”

“I would love it if one of our songs was used in the final Quentin Tarantino movie. He has always used music as an intricate part of the storytelling, it would be really interesting to see how the song was used in the context of the story. I mean, plus you’re talking about a pretty huge audience hearing you all at once.”

“The process of writing, rehearsing, pre-production, recording, mixing, etc. takes SO long, that by the time you get to release music you are dying to just get it out there. There is no panic because there is no expectation that people need to like it. We like it and that takes the pressure off everything else.”

‘On The Table’ is out 10th June.