New Release – NYC is Dead to Me by Abbey Wood

New Release – NYC is Dead to Me by Abbey Wood

Abbey Wood is a Jamaican singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles (USA), who’s using her platform to lend a voice to the voiceless and the vulnerable. She is fiercely passionate about turning pain into art, storytelling and standing up for the powerless in society. She has manifested her ideas into a unique mix of alternative pop and r&b that is undeniably haunting, relatable and honest.

Her new single ‘NYC is Dead to Me’ is out 4th August. A pre-save is available here.

“My song ‘NYC is Dead to Me’ is an alternative pop/rock record about feeling trapped in your city or hometown. It’s relatable to anyone who feels like they have outgrown a place they call home.”

“I spent most of my time living in NYC, and held so many precious memories there. I had family, friends and a fulfilling job. However, when Covid came, everything changed. Like so many others, I was faced with setback after setback in my personal and professional life. Due to circumstances outside of my control, in order to make ends meet, I was unable to move out of the only apartment that I’ve lived in, and ended up in a demanding and thankless job that paid next to nothing. I felt trapped, with limited options. Mentally, I reached a breaking point, and knew it wasn’t sustainable. As a child, I always knew I wanted to be in California, and despite feeling broken, I persevered and planned my move out West. That plan was also faced with a lot of uncertainty and trials, as I failed initially. Then when I least expected it, an exciting job opportunity came through. I immediately said yes and never looked back.”

“I want this release to reach others who may feel the same way. Wherever you are, whether you are trapped mentally or physically, know that you are not alone. Blast this song, take what you need and plan your exit strategy. Moving out was me choosing and prioritizing myself. Life is beautiful, life is hard and life is so short, always remember to choose yourself.”


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