New release – Nowhere by The Height

New release – Nowhere by The Height

The Height are a teenage indie trio from Salford/Manchester. They are made up of John Denton (12) on lead vocals and guitar, Brandon Greenalgh (13) on bass and finally Ted Ellis (16) on drums. Their debut single ‘Nowhere’ will be out 22nd December.

You are a young band when did you all meet?

“I met Ted mid January 2022. We were put in touch by a guy called Rick Bazza with whom I was working with ‘Listen Up’ at the time. He was organising my single launch gig for ‘Anthem X’ – a song I released pre Height. He knew Ted’s dad through his job and he got us in touch and we’ve been doing gigs together ever since! I met Brandon funnily enough at an old ladies tea party charity event for Francis House, which is a brilliant charity by the way, and both of our grandma’s are involved in it. I was doing a half hour acoustic session and he was playing a pretty short set on the keyboard. We got talking after and he told me that he played bass as well. He gave me his phone number and since then we’ve not stopped playing together!”

What’s the song about?

“I remember I wrote it in the cellar as that’s where I tend to find most of my inspiration, It’s quite a personal tune with quite a jokey side to it as well. I was trying to picture walking home from a Salford school and how mental it is into a song as not long before that I was walking home and there was this huge fight on the street between two students and that’s where the lyric “See you on The Height cos you know there’s gonna be a brawl” comes from. Also the opening lyric “Running down the road trying to make sure you don’t fall” is about when you see a bunch of people crowding around each other and you’re running over with your mate to see what’s going on.”

What Movie or TV show should feature your music and why?

“I don’t know really, personally I would say ‘Back to the Future’ or ‘Anchorman’ as they are two of my favourite movies but if I was to pick a movie that our music would suit it would have to be Alan Partridge ‘Alpha Papa’ because he’s my favourite comedian of all time and it would be amazing to get played on Norwich Radio on his show.”

What’s your favourite memory of recording it?

“That’s actually quite a hard question to be honest because we had a great time at HQ Studios recording it, but It would probably be when I first heard the drums and bass because before we went in the studio it sounded good live but our producer Mike Vindice – shoutout to him by the way – really helped Ted and Brandon find their own way of playing it and it’s honestly given us a massive step up since.”