New Release – Not a demo anymore (album) by Charlie Smith

New Release – Not a demo anymore (album) by Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith is a singer-songwriter from Hampshire (UK). He started playing music in his secondary school days, but only started putting music out properly at the back end of 2020. He released an EP ‘I Hate It I Own It’ in 2020 and a full length album ‘I just want to sleep’ in 2021. His new album ‘Not a demo anymore’’ will be released 18th November.

“It will include the three singles already released: ‘Have it all’, ‘One day some day’ and ‘Reap what you sow’. The full release includes 11 tracks of alternative and punk-inspired singer-songwriter-style tunes. To highlight this you have simple punchy punk songs like ‘As you were’ and to contrast this you have subtle soft clean guitar-driven songs such as ‘Point of view’.

“Included on this album are some of my oldest songs re-recorded properly. Re-recording and re-releasing them has been a very interesting experience. It just goes to show how much better my recording gear is and how much further I need to progress my music in general.”

“My big influences are classic artists such as Bob Dylan and John Lennon, but also alternative rock artists such as the Smashing Pumpkins. I think you will be able to hear all this throughout the different tracks.”

“To support the release I have a great lineup of local shows planned: 18th November Release show at HMV, 25th November White Heart (Andover), 2nd December Fifth Hants (Portsmouth), 10th December Art House (Southampton), 14th December Heart Breakers (Southampton).

“I’d also just to say thanks to Cool Top 20 for putting on some awesome playlists and competitions. It’s always great for indie musicians to get involved with a music community.”