New Release – Nineties Girl by B of Briz B featuring Rachel Maxann

New Release – Nineties Girl by B of Briz B featuring Rachel Maxann

Bristol (UK) based female rapper B of Briz will release another single ‘Nineties Girl’ from her upcoming EP on 17th September.

“The song is semi-autobiographical, and it’s about being a teenaged girl in the 90s in a small town, and the longing that went with that! It’s about how I connected to the women in music, how they helped me understand my own experiences. It’s about having the world at your feet, and not being ready, physically or emotionally to step out into it, but wanting to anyway.”

“I connected online with singer-songwriter Rachel Maxann, over in Memphis, Tennessee (USA), and she agreed to do this sung feature on the track. I love the earthiness and longing she evokes here, and the warmth it adds to the song.”

“The artwork for this single, and in fact all the artwork for my upcoming debut EP ‘Forty-two’, was done by a brilliant artist based down here in the South-West, Genevieve Leavold. I find her work so beautiful and intriguing, and I’m so glad her work is the visual through line for my introduction to the music world. She describes her work as “the tension between the spiritual and physical world. An exploration of the ephemeral and the eternal”.”

“I’d love to see this or my debut single ‘What Would Buffy Do?‘ which also has a connection to the 90’s, in the TV series Yellowjackets. I think the complexities on teenage girldom in the 90s is a shared theme and I think the perspective of these songs -processing the experiences in teenage girls in the 90’s from the perspective of a grown women in her forties, fits perfectly with the experiences examined in Yellowjackets!”