New Release – Nice To Me by The Whistling Cyclist

New Release – Nice To Me by The Whistling Cyclist

Steven Andrews, a retired Engineer from Scotland, has two passions music and cycling, hence the name The Whistling Cyclist.

“I’ve been playing piano and violin since I was young. As a teenager I started playing guitar and was in a couple of bands! Started an apprenticeship and life got in the way and of course not much time to play music. I went back to piano lessons in my mid twenties for five years, and continued playing the guitar.”

“I bought an Apple Mac for my 60th, because it had Garageband included, that was over a year ago, and I’ve been recording since. There are no covers only originals.”

His latest release is called ‘Nice To Me’. The release date is April 29th. There is no link to pre-save.

“It is an upbeat tempo’d 12 bar blues based song. It was recorded in my bedroom using GarageBand and like all my songs I play all the instruments on it. Then after I mix it down my wife proof listens.”

“My wife does all the artwork, there is no story as such, but she has tried to use the drawings to depict the record.”