New Release – Never Stop (Loving You) by Fisj

New Release – Never Stop (Loving You) by Fisj

Fisj is a one-man band from Melle near G(h)ent in Flanders/Belgium. Fisj will release ‘Never Stop (Loving You)’ on May 9th.

“I have been making music since I was young – implying that nowaydays I might be a little less young. Writing and recording songs, sometimes playing in a band, sometimes on my own. Music is a necessity for me, I cannot not imagine life – or indeed a single day – without it. Improvising on the guitar, learning to play a new piece on the piano, preferably while sipping a coffee: pure bliss.”

“One night I dreamt that when waking up my lovely wife had disappeared. Not in the sense that she had left for work or gone shopping, but rather that she had mysteriously vanished. This induced me to undertake a grail-like quest to find again the love of my life. The lyrics are a reflection of this lonely but epic journey: leaving home, climbing mountains, crossing many lands, talking to the animals and stars, suspecting some magic spell is at work, but never stop looking.”

“Every song needs to have its own thing that sort of sets it apart from any other song. When finishing the recording I kept thinking something was still missing near the end, some sound or a little final element to conclude the piece. Then one day I heard one of the children moving a finger along the rim of a glass filled with water. I instantly thought: that’s it, that’s the sound I was looking for. So I recorded it, made sure it was the right pitch and amplified it to obtain a kind of stirring effect that rather contrasts with the other instrumentation. Once again it was a question of making use of happy coincidences.”

“Magnolia’s are magnificent when in bloom, but they only blossom a very short time. A week or perhaps two – depending on weather conditions such as sudden frost – and then you can wait until the next spring. While I was trying to come up with some artwork idea our magnolia in the garden was just in the process of losing all of its flowers. I imagined using its fallen flower leaves to form a heart would make it a beautiful time capsule and a reference also to the fleeting nature of all things human. A reminder really to enjoy life and love while we can.”