New Release – Never Change by The Jonny Phillips Trio

New Release – Never Change by The Jonny Phillips Trio

New Release – Never Change by The Jonny Phillips Trio: After bringing a pot of indie rock to a simmer on the musical stove, Bournemouth (UK) based The Jonny Phillips Trio throw in a pinch of prog, a couple of spoonfuls of blues, and maybe a psychedelic or two to create a tantalising one-pot wonder of explosive auricular fusion. Musically guaranteed to satisfy the soul and body, some intricate songwriting will satiate the mind.

Since the release of ‘yin’ earlier this year, the Jonny Phillips Trio set straight to work on the follow up EP ‘yang’, with their single ‘Never Change’ releasing on 9th September. The ‘yang’ EP is set for release in January 2023.

“The song ‘Never Change’ was inspired by the headstrong, eccentric personality of my daughter: completely out there, doesn’t care what people think, she’s just herself. I first started writing it when she was 6 months old, she’s just turned 4 and she’s exactly the same, it’s an inspiration really. It’s so easy to pretend to be something you’re not just to fit in, so this song is kind of an observation and reminder to her to not let others get you down or change who you are. Which is a message we should all try to live by really.”

“‘Never Change’ is from the upcoming EP ‘yang’ – the follow up to ‘yin’ – and the whole EP was recorded between a studio with Paul Gibson at the helm, and home recording in my camper van. ‘Yin’ was quite a polished product by the end – we put a lot of time and energy into every step of the process and redid a lot of things we needed to, whereas the approach with this one was to give it a more rough-and-ready, kind of rustic feel. So we did nearly everything in about two takes, and tried not to be too precious about it. We also gave ourselves a bit of a deadline to get it done by too, just to add to the pressure.”

“As with the last EP, this one was mixed by the wizard that is Niko Battistini (Charlie XCX, Marina, Anne-Marie). The end result is reminiscent of the folk-rock movement of the 60s but with a modern spin on it. I’m quite pleased with it, and works as a great contrast to ‘yin’.”

“The music video also comes out on 9th September and will be on YouTube, our socials, and anywhere we can think to put it! You’ll just need to search ‘Never Change’ – Jonny Phillips Trio!”

“We love getting other people involved in our creative projects – our last video for ‘Admiring The View’ had a bunch of incredible extras in, some of who you may see in the new one. The idea of the song is to embrace your inner child, and be or do what you want to, so we asked a bunch of people to film themselves just having a good time being kids, and we’ve made it in to a bit of a montage. It’s a proper feel good thing, we had a lot of fun doing it, and it was great fun editing it. Then we sent it over to Charles Donnelly, filming extraordinaire who worked on ‘Admiring The View’ with us, to edit it and get it all looking sharp and beautiful.”