New Release – Narrow It Down To What We Need by Keith Burke

New Release – Narrow It Down To What We Need by Keith Burke

Keith Burke grew up in Skerries, Co. Dublin (Ireland). The first two singles from his upcoming studio album, ‘I’ll begin this letter’ and ‘Before you go’ were well received and played on Irish National and Regional radio. He has proudly sung his songs at concerts in the USA, Germany, Lebanon, Italy, Spain and Egypt. He writes mainly about adult lives and unconventional love stories found in the ordinary.

His new single ‘Narrow It Down To What We Need’ is out 30th June.

“The song ‘Narrow it down to what we need’ is a future-looking song of optimism, reflecting the sentiments of the upcoming album and collection of songs of which it is a part. It’s as much about making a promise as it is appreciating current fortunes.”

“It was written in 2019, during a period when I, living in Milan, was looking forward to returning to Ireland to live with my (now fiancé) then girlfriend. It’s about taking a step forward, but appreciating what we have now also.”

“As with many of my songs the metaphors and meanings are drawn from my own experience or those of my friends. I try to ensure a feeling of authenticity in my lyrics while at the same time allowing others to see their own story in the meanings. It’s surprising that often the most specific lyrics are those that others most readily apply to themselves.”

“It has, for some time, been a dream of mine to have a song included in the soundtrack of a tv series or movie. I enjoyed the Newflix series ‘Sex Education’ with excellent choices of songs throughout. I can think of half a dozen moments during this kind of series when ‘Narrow It Down To What We Need’ could be used. From the second chorus onward, when the vocal choir kicks in, I feel a great emotional reaction which I think could lend itself easily to certain moments in TV.”

“There’s a music video that I made with my partner. The video will premiere on 30th June and can be found on my Youtube profile.”

“The artwork is a picture of me putting on a Josh Ritter record. I was listening to that album a lot in 2019 so it’s kind of a hidden piece of extra information.”

“The song was recorded and mixed by Anthony Gibney in Audioland studios in Lexlip in 2022 and 2023. ‘Narrow it down to what we need’ features Irish musicians from Keith’s Little Black Book Band along with a six-piece vocal choir.”

Anthony Gibney – co-producer, mixing, additional guitars
Simon Francis – mastering

Dave Mooney – bass
Paul Byrne – drums
Sinead Madden – fiddle and viola
Scott Flanigan – organs
Keith Burke – words, music, vocals, co-producer, guitars, tambourine and glockenspiel

The choir:
Bernard Lynch, Deirdre Langton, Tracy Gallagher, Trish Langton, Conor Sweetman, Alexander Kennedy.


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