New Release – My Love by Sonia Linares

New Release – My Love by Sonia Linares

New Release – My Love by Sonia Linares: Sonia Linares is an eclectic singer-songwriter with contemporary influences. She moves from folk, indie, Americana on her new track ́’My Love’ as part of her upcoming 12-track album ‘The Riddle Tales for Moon Nights’. ‘My Love’ takes its dynamic story-telling from sound-track films such as James Bond and Twin Peaks by David Lynch.

‘My Love’ is a song that invites the listener to hypnotic and mysterious suspense states with dark cinematic contrasts. Sonia Linares ́s writing seeks to induce listeners into an imaginary where emotional worlds are told under the somewhat surreal “femme fatale” deep gaze.

“I wrote this track two years ago. It represents the contradictions of falling in love and opening truly to someone.”

“Atmospheres reveal themselves in sounds that weave a thread, a link with a metaphorical sensory space, sensitive dark lyrics and alternative song-writing. I hope to connect to like minded people who feel in ‘the dark’ sometimes.”

“I made the artwork myself. It ́s about driving a long road and melting in the everyday scene, finding something profound still.”

The track was produced by David Chueca at Marlee Records, who recorded all of the instruments.

“We met with the producer about fourteen years ago and started a project called JAZZUL. We perform and record original material.”

‘My Love’ will be out 17th February. A pre-save is available. A music video will be released on YouTube the second week of March.

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