New Release – My Little Secret by Caprinova

New Release – My Little Secret by Caprinova

Caprinova is the genre hopping songwriting duo Jeff Prince and Nicola Thornton. The duo formed in 2021 and is based near Cambridge (UK).

“We have an “Anglo-Canadian” approach to songwriting with over 30 years’ multi-instrumental, lyrical and vocal talent experience. We write songs to help anyone start their day, trigger a cherished memory or get them through the other side of something challenging. We write music we like and share it, simple as that.”

A new song ‘My Little Secret’ will be out 3rd November. A pre-save is available here.

“‘My Little Secret’ is the timeless tale of a secret but unrequited crush between two friends. It’s unrequited because neither friend believes the other crushes on them. So, the song focuses on one friend struggling to reveal their feelings taking the initiative – and both of them being glad they did!”

“It’s a song that will leave listeners reminiscing about hidden feelings they had at one point or another. The track brings out the romantic in all of us. It’s a happy, warm, catchy tune that captures the magic of Christmas. It would fit right into a Christmas Hallmark movie with a best friends’ ‘will they, wont they’ storyline.”

“We wrote the song last year. Jeff had written the arrangement in autumn 2022 and it had a strong Christmas vibe. In the meantime, Nic (a big softie) saw a video on TikTok about best friends with a mutual crush who were too scared to reveal thisin case the friendship changed and was lost altogether. The results showed that 9 out of 10 BFFs had feelings for each other but were waiting for the right time – and enough courage – to take a bold step!”

“We’ve never released a Christmas song before. This track has a ‘Britney meets Texas at a Christmas party’ vibe!”

“We are very excited releasing this song! We hope it will be a huge hit, receive radio airtime, be shared on social media and curated on Spotify and Apple playlists. This is a happy, upbeat love song, so it has wide appeal – to young and old. We’d love people to connect with the lyrics, overall catchiness of the song and share it with friends who can relate to it – and maybe even help a budding romance to blossom! We want people to draw others’ attention to it by forwarding it to anyone they know experiencing the lyrical content.”

“Video snippets will appear on the Caprinova TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. A full and lyric-based version will appear on the Caprinova website ( and the Caprinova YouTube channel.”


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