New Release – Music to My Madness by The Cavs

New Release – Music to My Madness by The Cavs

The Cavs are a five- piece indie rock band from Manchester, who’s sound has started to include subtle influence of synth/electronic aspects. Having played iconic Manchester venues such as Night and Day Cafe and Manchester Academy 3, The Cavs have picked up where they left off and embark on a new musical journey with a huge new sound whilst still incorporating the elements that makes them who they are.

After a year without any new music The Cavs are ready to take over with their pending EP ‘Music to My Madness’ being released in October and the title track scheduled to be out 9th September. A pre-save is available here.

I asked lead guitarist Chris Terry some questions about the upcoming single:

Why did you decide to release the title track of the EP as the first single?

“We feel that this song is the best gateway to our new sound we’ve been working on post lockdown. We genuinely could have released any of the four songs, but we felt that this song is the punchiest song to get back in the game with. This one delivers what we think is the most appropriate and relevant idea we share about music and what it does for us, aswell as the people. At just over three minutes, it’s short and sweet as they say.

What’s it about?

“The song is quite simply about there being music to our madness. The madness of five lads who never knew each other before the band, being brought together by music and the desire to make it.”

“I think it also encapsulates the kind of sound that we have as a band, but other people will have experienced at a gig, or a night out where nothing else in that moment – for us anyway – matters more than where we are and who we’re with.”

When was it written?

“We started to properly write and demo the song mid 2021, and started the recording for it from October 2021.”

“The song originally came from a phone recording by Arthur, our drummer, at a house party a few of us had at mine once. It was pretty early/late in the morning – depending on your perception of a party! And he showed it to me. It was just a synth arpeggio part, but it blew my mind and instantly made me think this could be the bridge for us to take on abit of a Kasabian kind of sound.”

“The original idea was for the song to be an instrumental passing in the set, but it’s quickly turned into a whole song idea with very very different lyrics in the original demo. Maybe you’ll hear it one day!”

Do the lyrics have a special meaning?

“On a personal level, I think the song and it’s lyrics are about thinking what people must have thought about my desire to somewhat give up a career to pursue being in a band. Stupid, ridiculous, maybe even a bit comical.”

“Am I maybe losing my mind, see what I see behind these eyes. Probably just madness.”

“The rest of the verse and chorus I think sum up why I did. Until you’ve felt what we all feel stood in a club, venue or arena it’s hard to describe the euphoria that it brings. Especially being on a stage playing it.”

“And I see it coming, can you feel it coming?”

“Not if you’re not there you can’t.”

Is there a sense of excitement or panic for the release?

“More so now then with the other releases, we’re probably filled with both! It’s been such a long time since our last release for one reason or another, that the excitement is bursting through the seams. We’re just proper looking forward to people hearing the new single, never mind the actual EP.”

“However I’d be lying if I said we aren’t all a bit nervous that people after so long might not like it and it’s been such a grind to get it here. Definitely more excited though.”

“Maybe there’ll be another single before October, who knows!?”