New Release – Monsters & Heroes (album) by Shoun Shoun

New Release – Monsters & Heroes (album) by Shoun Shoun

Bristol (UK) based four-piece Shoun Shoun (‘shoon-shoon’) play unflinching, atmospheric dream pop and art garage rock wlth the urban ennui of Nico mixed with the noise of Sonic Youth with a certain Velvet Underground elegance.

Following up on the 2019 release of their EP ‘A Hundred Trips’, they are set to release their debut album ‘Monsters & Heroes’ on 28th January. The band describes the album as followed:

“‘Monsters & Heroes’ is a beautiful cocktail of abrasive garage rock, soporific dream pop, playful psychedelica and carnal post-punk. It embraces both darkness and bliss. The album counters breezy, echoing guitars, swooning harmonies, eerily seductive almost spoken word and then marries them with direct lyricisms, shrieking strings and a thick layer of fuzz which explodes into shrapnel throughout the course of the listen.”

“The album is a fractured collection of songs, reflecting how fractured a period of time the last two years have been. Half of the songs were written and recorded before the lockdowns began and the other half recorded once the band could be together again. Some of the tracks were written in my loft during lockdown as a way to cope with the loneliness. It was all done in complete DIY fashion in a hired studio space with a portable studio and then mixed and mastered in our loft. I’m really inspired by bands like Bob Vylan and Du Blonde who fiercely protect their independence.”

Alongside the album comes their next single ‘Did I Play Games’ also due for release January 28th.Did I Play Games’ is already available on Soundcloud.“

“This song was lyrically inspired by a friend that once drunkenly crashed on Annette’s kitchen floor; creating a story around that night with all of the fog and confusion the next day brings. “Don’t know how I got here, did I play games? Did I have fun?”