New Release – Minds and Bodies (EP) by Postindustrial Poets

New Release – Minds and Bodies (EP) by Postindustrial Poets

Postindustrial Poets are a Luxembourg-based band, playing the songs of Pete Poet. Postindustrial Poets have been recording since 2019 and releasing music since 2020. They are pretty genre flexible! Postindustrial Poets are releasing an EP called ‘Minds and Bodies’ on 14th July.

“We have a lot of listeners in France and we thought they would appreciate a 14th July release date. So that’s when it is coming out!”

How would you describe the album?

“It is an EP about relationships, and there is a fairly consistent vibe to it, with a lot of acoustic guitar and acoustic percussion. We’re revisiting two songs from a couple of years ago. One of them is ‘When we were bodies’ which featured in the CoolTop20 when it came out. At that point we had never played it live (remember all that lockdown misery?) When we finally played it live we thought again about the structure of the song. We changed it around and liked it better that way. Musically it was always a slightly jazzy blue. That is reinforced on this version – with hard-living vocal to give it great depth.”

“The middle song is a spontaneous, acoustic version of ‘I Was in Two Minds’. We didn’t mean to re-record this one – it just happened! Peter sang it and played the acoustic guitar in one take. We then overdubbed bass, a Nashville guitar and a second vocal. When we listened back we thought that it could go out as it was. It sounds quite different from the original track. We had thought for a long while that the song should have been coupled with ‘When we were bodies’ – because of the fit between the lyrics. So it made sense to include it here. It has a bit of a folky/singer songwriter vibe – not unexpected, given how it was recorded.”

“The lead track is called ‘Rolling on the Ground’. The key memory behind it is of leaving a girl’s room at dawn by jumping from a window – okay, more accurately, falling from a window! The lyrical themes fit with the other two songs. Although maybe it is more accurate to say that it takes a contrasting point of view – it is really about how easily you move on when you are young. The sound is a bit acoustic jazz, I suppose – and you get a key change for your money too!”

What’s next for Postindustrial Poets?

“Honestly we think we have some strong songs in the pipeline – one with a smooth, modern blues feel, a Halloween track that is a lot of fun – and which we need to get finished. And a winter tune too. And some loud electric guitars coming up pretty soon!”

The cover art

“We choose a grayscale picture of a couple by Leeloo the first because grey is the colour of memory and of melancholy and the picture seemed to us to show the fragility of relationships. So it fits all three tracks on this EP – which is definitely the most thematic we have done. Pete claims that the girl in the photo looks like the girl in the second verse of ‘Rolling on the ground’. We’re sceptical!”


“The EP is basically part two of ‘LDT101: Silences, Experiments and Instrumentals’. Put them together and you have a full length album, which would also have a good level of lyrical consistency. LDT101 has been our most successful release in terms of plays, so hopefully that is a good omen!”

“‘Orbiting the Sun’ is more of an alternative rock album, and has more incommon with the other tracks in the pipeline.”

“There is a pre-save link – we really appreciate every pre-save! We had a good pre-save campaign for our last release – and it got a lot of Spotify radio play from the moment it came out! So please grab it here, everyone!”


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