New Release – Midsommar by Feverjaw

New Release – Midsommar by Feverjaw

With a sound routed in alternative rock, but using broad strokes of colour to fill their music Feverjaw are the latest guitar driven band to arrive in the vibrant South Wales (UK) scene. Following on from their debut album ‘All Bets Are Off’ the band now steam ahead with their upcoming new EP ‘Casual Abrasive’.

“Our new track is called ‘Midsommar’ and is the first single from our upcoming EP ‘Casual Abrasive’ which follows on April 1st.”

A sign of things to come the track sees the band moving into grittier territory with a focus on crushing waves of guitar and thundering bass. ‘Midsommar’ is a bruising and guitar driven anthemic track about the perils of toxic love. The track features Ben Fox Smith (formerly of Serafin/Stoney Sleep).

“It was part recorded by Andrew Sanders at Kings Road Studios, Cardiff and part at home in our studio. The track was then mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright (Arcade Fire/Frank Turner/System of a Down).”

“From the moment you begin work on a recording you look forward to the day it’s released to see people’s response. For us at least we only release music that we ourselves love so we’re always delighted to see release day come around.”

‘Midsommar’ will be out March 11th. A pre-save is available here.